We will draw a cartoon caricature from your picture.

It’ll be a digital pencil sketch made with Clip Studio Paint in A4 size 300dpi.

The 35$ delivery will include the file in JPG and, when requested, PNG.

In addition to the packages and the extras, CUSTOM EXTRAS should be purchased per figure.

  • + 25$ and additional 2 day for additional figure (head shot)
  • + 50$ and additional 2 day for additional figure (full body)
  • + 70$ and additional 4 day for Costume of your request

[Recommended] Send me at least one front head shot or, best, a three-quarter profile and good quality photo.

If you ask for a full-body drawing, please send at least one full-body picture, preferably on some pose you like to be depicted in the caricature and with the clothes you want me to draw. Don’t send: Blurred, overcast, night shots, Partially covered face pictures.

Unique Caricatures And Cartoons Created Just For You.

Order stunning caricatures drawn from your photos by some of the best caricature artists!