Corrugated Plastic Boards deliver the longevity and durability that your signage needs without compromising its quality.
Its durability is prime for outdoor use, no matter the wear or tear, making them waterproof, weather-resistant, and stain-resistant.
Corrugated Plastic Boards make ideal signs for a variety of industries including advertising, restaurant, construction, and also work well for yard signs and directional signage.
Whether you need them for indoors or outdoors, our corrugated plastic boards are printed on white IntePro® plastic substrate to keep your signs sturdy and reliable for a long time.
We offer these boards in three convenient thicknesses: 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm.
You can print your designs on either one or both sides, and they are all coated with a beautiful semi-gloss surface that truly makes the colors of your prints pop and shine. 

These lightweight boards can easily be displayed anywhere you’d like. They are also easily cut and can be designed into several different unique shapes and sizes. It’s time to make your business stand out with Corrugated Plastic Boards, order yours today!

Give Your Business The Exposure It Deserves!

  • Sides
  • Printed On
  • Finish
  • Thickness
  • Weight Per Square Inch
  • Hole Drilling

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    Edge Design:
  • Accessory options 
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Our Corrugated Plastic Boards Are Easy To Order And Just Easy To Install.

Perfect for all of your Yard Signs, Parking Signs, Business Displays, School Displays, Architectural Models, and Bulletins!