How To Make A Banner

July 23, 2020

If you want a large number of people to know about your business, product, or event, then banner advertising should be your go-to.
With strategic design and placement, promotional banners will pique the interest of your target audience, persuading them to see what you have to offer. In this post, Online Quality Printing explains how to make a banner that will garner the most amount of attention possible.

How To Make A Banner

Banner Making Process

1. Placement
Before any design can be implemented, it’s imperative that you first determine where your advertising banner is going to be situated.
The placement of your banner will be highly dependant on where your target audience is likely to conjugate. For example, if you are a trendy fashion brand with a target market of 25 and below, then it is recommended to place your banner in areas such as a university campus or shopping center, as this will give your banner the best chance of being viewed by your target demographic.

2. Text

Effective promotional banners enable onlookers to engage with their content, even at a significant distance away. Therefore, your choice of text and font is of critical importance.
Ensure that you choose a text size that is big enough to be readable at a distance, and a simple font style that does not confuse the reader.

3. Content
In today’s society, people are always in a hurry; they simply don’t have time to stop and try to decipher and an overly long and cryptic message on your promotional banner. The message you include on the banner should be concise and simple to understand.
That way, people can easily engage with the content provided, no matter how much of a rush they are in.

4. Imagery
The use of low resolution, grainy imagery on your advertising banner is a surefire way to disinterest passers-by. Low-quality advertising banners reflect negatively on your brand. To avoid this, ensure that you use only high resolution, sharp imagery, making sure that you do not overcrowd the banner.

5. Branding
To achieve brand consistency, you should design your banner in such a way that complements your other marketing efforts. Include your business logo and make use of the color palette used for the likes of the website, leaflets, flyers, and so on.

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