Enhance all your projects with PVC boards! Valuable in advertising, real estate, and various other industries, our PVC sheets are made from sturdy plastic and printed on White Palight® Premium Substrate, topped with a semi-gloss surface for maximum durability.  Our PVC boards will adjust to any of your projects and ideal for outdoor signage. We offer both 3mm and 6mm thickness on the boards, and you can print on either one or both sides!  The Palight® Premium is versatile, lightweight, and durable. It’s made to survive everyday conditions with its smooth and bright white surface, making them an ideal substrate to print high-resolution digital images. You will benefit in using PVC panels for signage, display art, exhibition boards, interior decoration, and much more.


All of your home, art, craft, and construction projects are printed in high quality with our excellent performance polystyrene boards. Printed on a flexible white opaque substrate, our 1.5mm thick sheets can be utilized on one or both sides. Their small closed cells and smooth skin make these boards suitable for a variety of insulating applications. They are also ideal for marketing projects that need to be displayed because they are strong, lightweight, and rigid. This substrate board is also the perfect material for photo mounting and signage. These boards offer a bit more flexibility than PVC boards, making them great to mount any posters, graphics, designs, and images you may have!

PVC And Polystyrene Boards Are A Solid Choice

You will have no trouble attracting traffic to your event!